G&P for Landlords

Landlords need to complete a UK Self Assessment Tax Return (SATR) if they earn £10,000 or more from properties gross (before deducting expenses) or £2,500 or more net (after deducting allowable expenses) per year.

For professional landlords monitoring the performance of a property portfolio is about managing a ‘business’. Rental properties can provide a stable and reliable source of income and growth investment for the medium and longer term.

Landlords come to us because we have extensive knowledge and experience in properties and understand needs and issues across the full spectrum of property and property related services.
We offer a specialist personal tax assistance service tailored to your individual needs that includes:
  • Rental Income Accounts with detailed analysis of your tax exposure, risk areas and commercial performance relative to the market. Click here to request a sample report
  • Estate planning
  • Financing options and products including mortgages, life insurance, buildings insurance and landlord cover provided through our associate IFAs.
  • Self Assessment Tax Returns
  • Non-resident landlord services

Position: Internal Legal Advisor and Assistant Compliance Officer