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G&P is a professional services firm with international offices in London and Larnaca, Cyprus. G&P professionals excel in UK and international tax and accounting, and provide the highest level of service to small and medium sized businesses and High Net Worth Individuals across Europe, Middle East and Asia.

We recognise that the ever changing regulatory and tax environment can be a headache for businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals alike. Our services, from accounting, taxation and payroll are designed to relieve businesses and individuals from the regulatory, compliance and financial pressures – be they from the need to meet filing deadlines for accounts, VAT and tax returns, to monthly management accounts for monitoring financial performance. We go beyond the standard services to help our clients look ahead, think strategically and formulate the best plan for optimal financial performance.

Our mission is simple – to mitigate risks, seize opportunities and create maximum value for our clients. We do this by leveraging our extensive network and knowhow of business and finance to create real value from tax optimisation, insightful business diagnostics, tax planning and cost reduction. We look beyond the financials to give our clients the edge they need to prosper.

With emphasis on client service, G&P is the ideal partner for dynamic businesses and individuals in today’s economy.
G&P is a member of ICAEW.

We are experienced and we’re friendly. Please send us an e-mail or call us for a free initial consultation.


We provide a full range of professional services for businesses and individuals alike. Our insightful, intelligent and highly motivated team of experienced professionals is committed to providing clients with the value added service they want from their advisors.
Audit and Assurance

We advise a wide range of clients, from start ups to established businesses in global markets.

As registered auditors, we provide statutory audit services required under corporate, Limited Liability Partnerships, FCA, SRA, charities, pensions and friendly society reporting rules and legislation.  We are experienced in the financial reporting requirements of UK GAAP, IFRS and the various SORPS.

Bookkeeping & Accounts

G&P understands that you want to focus on your business and don’t want the additional workload of bookkeeping and accounting.

R&D Tax Credits
R&D refers to innovative activity that creates something new or enhances something that already exists.
We take your current tax position, and your goals – be they for your retirement, the benefit of your family….
Landlords need to complete a UK Self Assessment Tax Return (SATR) if they earn £10,000 or more from properties gross…
G&P Network
Accountants should be a source of growth for each of their clients. G&P has a global network of….
IHT and Estate Planning

Inheritance tax (IHT) is a tax on an individual’s estate upon death – which includes everything an individual owns….

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